Artistic and Co-Music Director | Kenneth Ip (Ken Ip)

Ken Ip graduated from the University of Winnipeg majoring in Geography and furthers his Master degree in Counseling from University of Southern Australia.  He is also a holder of diplomas in Childhood Psychology, in Healthcare Management as well as a Certificate in Counseling and Discipline.
His musical life started at the age of 2 on the piano.  Ip was first motivated by Mr. Ngai Ho Chow on the violin.  Then he learnt the violin and the viola from Yam Tai Shan.  At the age of 9, he was invited to perform in Guangzhou.  He was a violin player and a viola principal of the St. Paul’s Co-Educational College symphony orchestra.  He was also a player in the Pan-Asia Symphony Orchestra.  During that time, he has won a few awards in Hong Kong. At the same time, Ip also learnt conducting from James Leung.
Then, in Canada, IP was a violinist of the Edmonton Youth Orchestra and the Winnipeg Youth Orchestra, DJ of the Chinese Radio Broadcast in Winnipeg and the backstage assistant of U2, Celine Dior and Rolling Stone.  He was a committee member of Global Chinese Singing Contest organized by TVB and also the winner of the second runner-up of the Canada West Singing Contest and Champion of the Winnipeg Karaoke Singing Contest.
In 1999, Ip returned to Hong Kong and played for the Hong Kong Medical Association Orchestra and the Hong Kong Chamber Orchestra in which he became a committee member for orchestra administration.  Ip is one of the founders of Buddies Classical Music Society, a non-profit making organization.  In 2003, Ip became the artist and music director of Hong Kong Scout Orchestra as well as the chief conductor and led a team of 103 to Beijing for a performance tour in 2009.  Currently, IP has been focusing on violin making.  He is a guest conductor of the Zhongshan Philharmonic Orchestra.  He is also the violin principal of SPCC Alumni Orchestra.  He is a founder of Hong Kong Metropolitan Pop Orchestra, and the Artistic and Music Director and conductor.
Ip is a multi-talented in music and sound. Besides performance on instrument and conducting, he also teaches and organizes music activities and orchestra. He is also a collector of violins. With his collection of over 200 antique violin, he started his interest in violin making. When he returns to Hong Kong, he started to research in violin making.
In 2013, Jane Wang, Hon Bun Yeung and Ip established the Hong Kong Metropolitan Pop Orchestra (previous named as Hong Kong Pop Orchestra). By using the a great variety of musical instrument to perform a unlimited of good music. By using culture as the focus, Ip starts and develop a unique culture of arts and music in Hong Kong.