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The Hong Kong Metropolitan Pop Orchestra

The Hong Kong Metropolitan Pop Orchestra (Metro Pop) is one of the most active music performing groups in Hong Kong.


The Hong Kong Metropolitan Pop Orchestra is founded in 2013 (previously, named, Hong Kong Pop Orchestra). It was established by Ms. Wang, Jane, Mr. Ip, Hon Man (Ken) and Mr. Yeung, Hon Bun. Metro Pop has granted as a charity organization. We have over 40 regular volunteer musicians and over 50 associated volunteer musicians. We also have a good connection if some wonderful global artists.

Within the past 3 years, some of our musicians are now studying and some even graduated in the local and international music conservatory. Metro Pop also grows along with increasing numbers of professional players and with students from music schools. At the same time, we also recruit local music talents with passion. Without age limit, so more people are able to enjoy our orchestra. With such warm and positive environment, Metro Pop also has developed some family based musicians.


Interview by the News.gov.hk in December 2015 at Causeway Bay Community Hall


Structure of the Orchestra (all volunteer)

Artistic and Music Director:        Ip, Hon Man (Ken)

Co-Music Director:                                Wang, Jane

Creative Director:                                  Poon, Felix

Orchestra Manager:                             Leung, Hiu Lam

Orchestra Assistant:                             Kwan, Kennard

Editorial Coordinator:                Chung, Helena

IT Coordinator:                                     Wong, Yuen Ting

Photography and video:                       Ho, Rex

Chef Conductor:                                   Dr. Sak, Gilbert

Resident Conductor:                            Lee, Larry

Concertmaster:                                     Chan, Daniel

Second Violin Principal:                        Poon, Felix

Viola Principal:                                     Kwan, Raymond

Cello Principal:                                     Lee, Linus

Orchestra Musicians:       

The composition of Metro Pop structure is unique: music professionals, music school students from colleges and universities, music teachers, high school students, and also talented music lovers from all kinds of professional with great passion, like healthcare, accountant, engineer, finance, lawyer etc.


Membership (no membership fee but have to attend our rehearsal and performance)

Metro Pop believes those talented musicians will never limited by age, so there is no age limit in recruiting our players. All these tentative players will go through an audition, which will determine their admission into the orchestra and the parts and position that they will be assigned. This audition will be conducted by the Music Director, the Resident Conductor, the sectional principals and external musicians.


Mission and Vision

Hong Kong Metropolitan Pop Orchestra (Metro Pop) believes culture is a way of life in belief and traditional of customs within a group of people. Arts are the tool to construct our culture; music is life; life is music. By exploring into different field in music, people will understand themselves more, so that more people can have a much joyful, peaceful and harmonized environment, as music will let people express themselves, knowing to value life and the environment.

All our concerts are for charity. Every single concert that is hosted by Metro Pop, is free and some are for fundraising for local charity organization, like Child Development Matching Fund, Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association, Lok Sing Tong, Po Leung Kuk, and the Music Children Foundation, Hong Kong Nursing Academy, Sai Ying Kaifong Welfare Association Craigengower Cricket Club community service. Then there are different arts and music activities that we organize or participating in, eg. Mark Lui design exhibition at K11, violin exhibition at Hong Kong City Hall.


Performances and Activities

Metro Pop has performed for almost free 50 performances and concerts in 10 out of 18 districts in Hong Kong. Metro Pop devotes to the performance of a broad range of music that includes pop music (like獅子山下), movies music (like Sound of Music), Broadway musicals (like King and I), cartoon music (like Lion King), ethnic and folks songs (like 梁祝), contemporary music (like Themes from 花樣年華in Jazz version) and of course traditional classical music. Metro Pop has performed in many different environments from Hong Kong City Hall concert hall, to open air of Stanley Plaza, shopping malls, marathon on public road, etc. Metro Pop also performed with local talents and international musicians like Paul Champion, Arne Almroth and Dr. Yan Shen.


Metro Pop has organized some different arts related activities, like visiting Mark Lui design exhibition with Mark, himself, being the tour guide. Metro Pop tries to inspire the members by all kinds of cultural and artistic way and involve more into the community. We are now expanding our services to the cultural and environmental issue. We are currently is preparing our book with the title: The outstanding Chinese Violin and Bow Maker ( Book 1 ). Also we have started the musical instrument recycle program. We have also filed in a proposal in restoring a historical site in Hong Kong and setting it up as the Hong Kong Violin Making Research and Educational Center.


We welcome all passionate musicians to join us. We also welcome comments and ideas that we may be able to improve.